The Sable Star Alone

by Antigonus Bearbait (Toby A. Pugh)

The populace is silent, no movement in the hall.
The king, the queen, so dearly loved, can no longer so be called,
There is nothing but a circlet of burnished metal on the throne.
And there upon that circlet, a sable star alone.

A kingdom stands before them, two thrones empty and bare.
And though they have no monarch, a sable star shines there,
And within each Ansteorran, the black and gold are interlaced
With honor and with chivalry, side beside with love and grace.

The hour is fast approaching: the culmination of our Dream,
When the honor of a fighter meets the beauty of a queen.
But in the final moment, ere the Lions gather round,
Pray gaze upon the sable star, that sits upon the crown.

This badge of highest honor is the symbol of our land,
One kingdom, and one people, as together we all stand.
From Atenveldt's great sunset rose a sable star so bright
That all who honor chivalry are drawn unto its light.

From Namron down to Stargate, from Bonwick to the Steppes,
The chivalry all come to see who makes the star shine best,
And now that we have found him, and to his Lady do we bow,
We find the star shines finest, when placed on royal brow.

The waiting now is ended.  Soon the cheers and cries will ring.
And all of Ansteorra will kneel again before her king.
But in this final hour, the crown that no one man can own,
Sits there in silent splendor: the sable star alone.