Do You Seek to be a Warlord?

by Antigonus Bearbait (Toby A. Pugh)

Do you seek to be a warlord?
To stand amid the fray?
To defend the Ansteorran star,
No matter what may bar the way?

Do you seek to be a warlord?
To be the hammer of the crown?
Who, when every Ansteorran falls,
Still stands to hold his ground?

And when the battle's over,
And a victor has been found,
Does your opponent reach to take the hand
Of a man who is honor bound?

Can your sword withstand the test of mettle?
And your pride the test of fame?
Leading warriors into battle,
Crying, "Ansteorra is our name!"

Do you seek the star in a warriors heart,
A star that is black and bold?
Then strike your flame upon it
That his honor may burn gold?

Do you seek to be a warlord?
To make the Sable Star to gleam?
Then come, and be a warlord.
Now, go - Defend our Dream!