Do You Seek To Be A Bard?

by Antigonus Bearbait (Toby A. Pugh)

Do you seek to be a bard?
To lift your voice in song?
To recite the tales and poetry
Of a history proud and long?

And when the battle's over,
And a victor has been found,
Do you lift your voice to heroes
Who lived or died, but held their ground?

Will you recount the deeds of chivalry,
And chide the lack of same?
Lifting mortal men to glory,
Or bow their heads in shame?

Can you withstand the test of  pride,
To be just and never vain?
Knowing when to praise or reprimand,
And when to temper with restrain?

Do you seek the dying ember
Of a disenchanted soul?
Then fan the flame within it,
That he rise to reach his goal?

Do you seek to inspire greatness,
In those who's way has been hard?
To make us more than we seem to be?
Then come and be a bard!