Sonnet 9 (Let Me Sleep!)

©2003 Alden Drake (Paul A. Haines)

As I lie here upon our bed so soft
And evening stars appear with daylight’s close
I shudder from a feeling felt too oft.
Upon my skin, your freezing little toes.
As I now lie awake, I watch you sleep
A pretty little smile on your face.
But then you kick me and I start to weep,
Your foot now buried in a tender place.
As hours pass, the pain starts to abate
And I begin to slowly drift away
A question on your lips that cannot wait
You shake me back to consciousness and say
“If you were I, what would you say to me?”
“I’m sorry if I made it hurt to pee.”

Alden's note: The italicized line was provided by Eleanor Fairchild. A less than serious sonnet, this one escaped from my head while I was distracted. ~Alden