Sonnet 4 (A Protege's Epiphany)

©2003 Alden Drake (Paul A. Haines)

When I took my first step upon the highway
And placed this yellow belt about my waist,
My Master let me go to do things my way
And warned me of the ills of sloth and haste.
I thought I knew the pleasures to be found
Though the road was far too long to see my goal,
And thought I too my plan was good and sound,
But my Master like the horse and I the foal.
Along the road I thought I lost my bearing,
I turned to help a friend I saw in need,
And learned I the goal was but a herring,
For in the act of service was the seed.
It came to me like Godís own revelation,
The journey proved to be my destination.

Alden's note: The italicized line was provided by Eleanor Fairchild.