Sonnet 3 (A Father's Letter)

©2003 Alden Drake (Paul A. Haines)

Unto my son these letters do I send
Although you are too small to understand.
When you grow up I hope their wisdom lends
You guidance as you grow into a man.
Enjoy each day the rising of the sun,
For each new morning challenges will rise,
And make the day a battle to be won
Each sunset then to savor as your prize.
With kith and kin around you all your days,
I pray you find a good and peaceful life.
Take time to watch your children as they play,
For them each day then go and thank your wife.
But I can tarry not to watch you grow
Alas my King has called, and I must go.

Alden's note: The italicized line was provided by Eleanor Fairchild.