Sonnet 16 (For Oriana)

©2004 Alden Drake (Paul A. Haines)

Be still you doves and look to Bonwicke’s keep
And there await the dawn of Morning’s light.
Rejoice with she, who by her dawning bright,
Outshines us all with grace that makes men weep.
No dreams from Morpheus in my slumber deep,
E’er could deter the end she brings to night.
So luminous with spark’ling eyes alight,
She wakes me, with a single glance, from sleep.

Offending sun that sets the course of days,
Reverse thy course; stay thy temporal hand.
Inter thyself once more beyond the sea.
A lady fair, who shines with golden rays,
Now walks among us here upon the land
And all men look to her for light to see.