Sonnet 14 (For Her Majesty France II)

©2003 Alden Drake (Paul A. Haines)

If ever there was beauty to behold
The likes of which to bring men to their knees
And weep such tears to fill the boundless seas
Shed live beneath the flag of blue and gold.
Now let no lies be spoke, no truth untold
The maidens fair shine bright in Italy,
But none as bright as Frances fleur-de-lis
A queen so fair, no candle could they hold
To stand before a woman of such grace,
With eyes that penetrate into my heart,
Id pale if eer she saw my ardor true.
For surely it is written on my face,
That while our borders keep us far apart,
Id die if eer she tore my heart in two.

Alden's note: This piece, and For Her Majesty France I, were written by request for Her Excellency Mistress Elissena de Bayonne, Baroness of the Stargate, for her invitations to Stargate Yule A.S. 38 (2003).