Sonnet 10 (My Love For Alessandra)

©2003 Alden Drake (Paul A. Haines)

My love is not a trinket, bought and sold,
Nor some cheap token lightly cast aside.
Itís not a prize thatís won with courage bold,
But it will hold its value far and wide.
My love is not a tempest, fury born,
Nor gentle whisper carried on a breeze,
Itís nothing like the dew-soaked early morn,
But it will weather any storm with ease.
My love is not a song; it has no tune.
Nor could it be a poem filled with rhyme,
Itís not a dance to make fair maidens swoon,
But it will never fade, nor pass with time.
My love is simply all I have to give,
But it is yours as long as we shall live.

Alden's note: The italicized line was provided by Eleanor Fairchild.