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Alden Drake

Resident of the Shire of Gate's Edge

Well met, good neighbor! I am Alden Drake, the son of an English merchant, born in the 1500's in Calais during England’s occupation. Taking advantage of my family’s business on the sea, I spent many years sailing about the Atlantic and Mediterranian in search of learning and adventure. My travels have brought me to Ansteorra, where I met my lady wife, Alessandra Giovanna dei Medici. With many interests, such as heraldry, archery, sewing, thrown weapons, armed combat, and service, my arrival in Ansteorra was a blessing, for here in this fair kingdom can I enjoy not only those activities, but also good people with whom to share them.

My entrance into the bardic circles of Ansteorra has only occurred recently, but the support I have received has encouraged me to take a seat here and entertain you with a song or poem...or perhaps you favor a shanty? The story of my bardic initiation begins with a song, sung by firelight in the Coastal encampment at Gulf Wars XII. It was a song about the sea, and a boy who loved dolphins….

My interest in the bardic arts has grown since that fateful night, and I am very fortunate to have been taken under the wing of the Honorable Lady Eleanor Fairchild. With her inspiration and teaching, I have composed the following original pieces. Please enjoy them and feel free to perform them if you are so inspired. Comments are always welcome. Please email me at alden_drake*at*

See Copyright Notice.


A Song About A Song
The Husbands' Retort


Sonnet 1 (The Drums of War)
Sonnet 2 (Adrift Upon This Splintered Deck I Lie)
Sonnet 3 (A Father's Letter)
Sonnet 4 (A Protege's Epiphany)
Sonnet 5 (How Would You Have Love)
Sonnet 6 (In Silence Shall My Love Abide)
Sonnet 7 (Lovesick)
Sonnet 8 (The Muses Have All Gone)
Sonnet 9 (Let Me Sleep!)
Sonnet 10 (My Love For Alessandra)
Sonnet 11 (Eleanor's Sonnet)
Sonnet 12 (There is No Sonnet Twelve)
Sonnet 13 (For Her Majesty France I)
Sonnet 14 (For Her Majesty France II)
Sonnet 15 (The Sun Still Shines)
Sonnet 16 (For Oriana)


When I Was Young
For the Love of a Bard
The Crown and The King
A Last Request