A Song About A Song

©2004 Music and Lyrics By Alden Drake (Paul A. Haines)

You call on me to sing a song
Because you heard it said,
That Iíve a song to make you gasp
And turn your face bright red.
But surely this is not the time,
Nor place for such a song,
The baroness is listening
And that would just be wrong.

So this is a song,
A song about a song,
A song about a song that I am not going to sing.

You heard a rumor from a friend
About a dreadful tune,
Sung by a fair and dashing bard
One night beneath the moon.
Oh yes my friends that bard is me;
I donít deny the fame,
(But) The baroness still listens
And I think she knows my name.


The baronessís champion,
He keeps his eye on me.
In case I dare to sing my song
Before her company.
But I am not some reckless cad,
No, that would not be right,
But I will sing it after she
Retires for the night.


Alden's note: The inspiration for this piece came during Westgate's Winter Collegium '04, when I was asked about a song that couldn't be sung in polite company. After the discussion, I said, "There's a song right there - A song about a song I'm not going to sing." I had been playing with the tune for some time, but didn't have the words. Once I had this idea, the words fit perfectly to the tune I had written. It's a simple sort of tune, which makes it very catchy.